Is Projucate a platform where working professionals can earn or it’s a platform only for students where they can build their concepts and projects?

The answer is yes for both the questions. Working professionals have to come to this platform so that students can find them and contact them for guidance. In this way, they will improve their projects on which they are working. In giving this service, this is totally upon working professional whether they want to guide student voluntarily or want to charge few bucks from them. The role of Projucate is just to connect them. Both the parties can contact each other personally.

Do Projucate get a percentage of charge for whatever is going on between working professional and student?

No. The role of Projucate is just to connect students with professionals and other likeminded people. Projucate will not be a part of whatever transaction will place between both the parties.

Is this platform majorly about student to student interaction? If yes then where do professionals fit in? Or it’s also about students to professional interaction?

Actually this platform is for both the types of interaction. This community is such a place where students can interact with students (if some other senior students have the knowledge for what junior students want to know about) and also students can approach professionals for proper industry related guidance or for proper technical guidance as they must be having greater knowledge.

How students will contact professionals if there is no messaging feature on this platform?

Professionals have to make their contact details or social media profiles public so that students while browsing professionals’ profile can get their contact details and can contact them personally for any guidance. Also, if some student is doing good project which is of some interest to some professional, then professional can also contact them by browsing students’ contact details or their social media profiles.

Is it mandatory to showcase personal contact details and current working details on this platform?

No. It’s absolutely not mandatory to showcase personal contact details like email or phone number on this platform. It is up-to you whether you want to make it public or not. There is a feature in your profile where you can make your contact details public or private.